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his series titled “SUKIMA (Gaps)” began as the artist tried to express in pictures the overwhelming sense of incongruity he felt living among non-Japanese people while studying abroad in New York from 1960 to 1962.

There are no lines drawn in the picture. The colored portions that look like lines are all “gaps” left between adjacent colors unable to fully touch. They are neither lines nor grooves. They are “gaps.” These gaps start from the expanse in the middle of the picture. What do these “gaps” represent? They are “shapes devoid of meaning.” Their method of creation is neither constitutive nor geometrical. The canvas is square-a neutral shape. The “gap” elements unite, so to speak, in an attempt to erase meaning. We live surrounded by “shapes” that possess meanings and roles. By drawing “shapes” that are devoid of meaning and shape, the artist expresses “the strangeness of this world.”


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